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Serena was built in 1984 by a professional boat building company in Everett Washington. She is a ‘Departure 35′ model Charles Whitholtz designed cutter. She was designed in the late 1960’s for blue water sailing. She has a hard chine mild steel hull with an outboard hung rudder with a tiller. Length over all is a little over 36′ and her draft is 6’.

The photos immediately below are from 2000 when I was getting her inspected during my purchase process.


Serena has an inboard 10 hp Sabb diesel engine with a variable pitch prop. Sabb is a Norwegian company that makes simple and dependable marine engines targeted towards the fishing industry in Norway. Please note this is not Saab from Sweden that made very fine automobiles and jet fighters.

Below are some web resources for Sabb.

More pictures to follow … I have a bazillion. Its taking forever to upload them all on my very slow internet connection. I’ll let the upload run overnight. And the upload of 1300+ pictures is done. I’ll sort through them all and cherry pick them into some sort of sense in the next few days. Till then here are a few.

There will be more galleries posted over the next couple of days. Here are my thoughts on what to cover.

Interior shots
Fixing dry rotted port side seat
Damage to hull from banging against rip rap rocks when transmission failed (completely fixed)
Winter cover
Tiller replacement
Life lines