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Its Time for Uncle Lolo to Receive a New Paint Job

Over the holidays Uncle Lolo was assaulted in the parking lot at Kite Beach and sustained a thorough fender bashing. And yes, the offending wanker bolted without leaving a note. The good news is they left their license plate … which was turned over to the police. However, I’m not holding my breath about them locating the basher nor receiving any restitution. This is Maui after all. I could barely open the driver’s side door wide enough to enter, but Uncle Lolo was still driveable. He’s tough.

I put myself on the wait list at the Auto Body Instruction program at the local Community College. I was called earlier this week and told to bring Uncle Lolo in. I’m having friends move the truck on Monday and than I’ll submit Uncle Lolo to the students’ tender mercies.

Below are some potential paint jobs I’m thinking about. This truck spends lots to time parked at various beaches that are subject to salt water spray. I’m thinking of coating the wheel wells, rocker panels, bottom 1/4, and perhaps the entire truck in truck bed lining material.

Later: Bummer! My friends who took the truck to the program’s building where told by the program’s lead instructor that he just got notice the college will be renovating the bulding so he’s gonna get shut down and won’t be able to take any vehicles in until next January, 2015.