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Van Wish List

Here my wish list as of July, 2018.  Some of this I can do myself, but most will be contracted out to others far more capable than I.

  • Take van to Ralley Auto, my mechanic, to get misfire and “check engine” flashing light looked at. Needed a new coil and tuneup. Start battery is no longer up to the job and needs replacing.
  • Van was parked under a birch tree for two years. It desperately needs to be pressure washed and the paint polished back out. Ralley Auto guys will show me how. They did. And I should get my pressure washer back Thursday or Friday.
  • Truck bed line with black (would white or grey be better) the inside compartment, the undersides (black), the bottom quarter of the body panels (black) and line the top with white. The idea being to proactively rust proof the vehicle as much as I can. Its going to be parked next to salty and windy beaches a lot in its future.  And white on the roof will prevent rust in the rain gutters and help keep the van cool in the hot sun.
  • Insulate the interior.
  • Install a gas fueled Webasto heater as suggested by AVCC.
  • Install swivel bases for the driver and passenger seats.
  • Install large longitudinal bed and food prep area. Maybe sliding drawer similar to the Alex Honnold video.
  • Install privacy window blinds/curtains.
  • Install fan driven fancy roof vent and passive vents in the bottom of the van floor.
  • What are my awning options?
  • Upgrade the charging system. New alternator? Existing alternator can be rewound for much better output? New start battery.
  • Install solar and large battery bank.  Do I spring for high end new tech batteries?
  • Install RV clamshell storage unit? Dig it out and take pictures/measurements. Can I use the old Yakima bars? Do I replace the lock tumblers?
  • Install ladder.
  • Install roof rack?
  • GPS Tracker?
  • Replace the cracked windshield. After I move the van to the lower 48. Too many rock strikes on the Alcan Hwy.
  • Install 12 volt fridge? Probably later.
  • Upgrade suspension? Probably later.
  • Fancy bumpers? Probably later.
  • Replace current rearview side mirrors with towing package mirrors. Do they make ones that are heated? Can I find them in wrecking yards in the lower 48? I’d rather not pay $400 for new ones.
  • Pop top? What does that cost?

I’m sure there are more things I can add to this list. But, some of this will have to wait for the future and money, time and needs arise.