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Posts from ‘April, 2014’


One of my Maui friends sent me this amusing clip. When I first decided I wanted to be a kite surfer I knew I was going to have to become a better swimmer and more comfortable in the water. To further that end I hooked up with the local Anchorage free divers group and was […]

RedBull Unfastened

Airton Cozolino and RedBull put on an invitational competition of many of the world’s best wave riders last week. Here are some highlights of the action. Last year over the holidays, while I was obtaining my instructors certification, I had the privilege of sharing a meal (once) and hanging out with Airton several times. Hah! […]

Maui has been Stormy Lately

Several of my Maui kiting friends sent this to me. The runoff from the recent storms swells the local rivers. And here is a clip of the locals making the most of that.

A Kitesurfing Classic from 2003 – Ten4

Here is a hard to find video showing a little kitesurfing history from 2003 highlighting the birth of wakestyle riding. Maui’s kitebeach crew is showing the world they were throwing down over 10 years ago the tricks that PKRA riders are doing now.