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Posts from ‘June, 2014’

Old School Kite Boarding Videos

These are a couple more videos from Chris and Buster Tronolone that inspired a generation of kiters back in the dawn of the sport. High Lou Wainman, Elliot Leboe, Maricio Abreu, and other kite boarding legends ripping on Wipika kites at the dawn of wakestyle kite boarding. Space Monkeys

Style and Power

I’ve had the good fortune to meet Jalou and watch her compete. This woman lives her life with style and grace. And she kites with style, grace, precision, and power. She’s one of the best kite surfers in the world. Naish is lucky to have her as part of their sponsored team. {this is} Jalou […]

Views from the 2014 Homer Kite Festival

While the weather this last weekend in Homer was often rainy and drizzly we had a nice day on Sunday for the diehards at the festival.  And we were fortunately able to get off a number of beginner trainer kite sessions for folks interested in the sport.  And a number of existing kiters also got […]

Dylan is now 8

I was so taken with 4 year old Dylan tandem kiting with his dad Kevin that I tracked down whether there were any updates. Here is Dylan learning how to solo kiteboard and body drag using a stand up paddle board.

Tandem Action

One of my kite instructor friends on Maui showed me this clip recently. Its too cute for words and 4 year old Dylan is obviously having great fun with dad Kevin. Dylan and Kevin Kitesurfing together at Kanaha, Maui Hawaii. Dylan has his own bar now and likes to get big air and bash the […]