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Posts from ‘July, 2016’

Stephane Goffinet – Kitefoiling Mastery

Cynthia ‘Cynbad’ Brown – Till the Love Runs Out

"I'll be doing this until the love runs out"! Strapless Kitesurfing and Hydrofoiling in Baja and Hood River.

Nice Clip from Cabrinha Celebrating the Introduction of Their New 2017 Gear in August

Kiting 50+ mph on a Landboard

New goal in my kiteboarder career, reach 62,14mph (100km/h) on my landboard ! This video presents my first kite landboarding speed training session in strong wind about 30 to 38 knots, max speed recorded on GPS : 50,67mph (81,7 km/h) !! I customized a special landboard for my speed record, I have a X-shape full […]

Kitesurf Ireland – Kitesurfing Crab Island

Ryan Coote gets treated to kite surfing one of Ireland’s holy grails of surfing locations. Crab Island is one of the best righthanders in Ireland. It is also extremely dangerous and extremely heavy. It is a offshore island surrounded by rocks and massive cliffs. Needless to say there is no happy place to launch or […]