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Posts from ‘October, 2014’

This One it Going to Grow Up to Be Epic – and a Possible PKRA Winner

Te Tainui

F-One drops a tasty clip featuring lots of wave and freestyle kiting and standup paddle boarding in epic conditions. TE TAINUI from F-ONE KITE on Vimeo. Once again the F-ONE team went off to discover new landscapes and live an extraordinary adventure. Raphaël SALLES put on his captain's hat for the time of a far-off […]

In a World Where Oceans Rule One 78 Year Old Woman Dares to Defy the Seas

A gentle introduction to the crazy world of Granny Dee … 78 year old woman kiting from EPIC KITES on Vimeo. Just get ready for a big change in your life.

Looking Forward to the Holidays

I’m planning to spend the XMass holidays with relatives again and I’m really looking forward to unlimbering the Wainman Smoke.

Let Your Kook Flag Fly – Or the High Energy Theory of Noob Physics in Action

When noobs combine do they throw off nooby particles that help scientists explain why they are so nooby? Is there a fundamental noobitic particle that explains all? Later: The noob charge stung and the two idiots involved protested on social media. OK, they are not noobs. In fact they claim they were taking turns jumping […]