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Posts from ‘June, 2013’

Another Blip in the Flow – The Consequences of Tomahawking an Older Kite

Old kites get brittle and the fabric tears when its stressed.  And tomahawking a kite is always stressful on it.  Here are some pictures of my latest kite carnage. I’m showing my latest kiting student what can happen. This kite is now worthless except for scavenging for parts. The cost of repairing the torn fabric […]

Raquel and Jager

Over the years I’ve spent some time on Kite Beach on Maui feeding my kiting addiction.  And I’ve had the good fortune to meet Jager and Raquel. Both are delightful free spirits. And I firmly belive the world needs more kitesurfing dogs.   And for the past few years Raquel has traveled to Alaska to conduct […]

Homer Kitesurf Festival – June 14, 15, and 16

This year and will be hosting the 6th annual Homer Kitesurf Festival! Come out to Mariner park at the base of the Homer spit the weekend of June 14,15 and 16th. The idea behind the first Homer Kitesurf Festival was to promote the sport of Kitesurfing/Kiteboarding to the public in Alaska. We wanted to […]