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Posts from ‘July, 2014’

Life is Like a Smoothie

A little life wisdom from brothers Shawn and Jesse Richman.

Neil deGrasse Tyson – We Stopped Dreaming

I’ll let this speak for itself. And I’m sick of old testament solutions being legislated on us, “for our own good”.

Kite Loops from Maui Toast

Three of my Maui Kite Beach buddies just put this out. Thanks for the tips on jumping, Toast! The video editor, Jon, is one of the organizers for the annual Alaska Snowkite Jam. He can be found here. And much of the footage was shot by my old neighbor, Rick. Maui Toast from Jon McCabe […]

Keahi De Aboitiz Soul Surfer TV Interview

Keahi De Aboitiz is the 2012 and 2013 World KSP Kite Surfing Champion. At the tender age of 21 this man rips! I’ve had the good fortune to see him ride in person. KEAHI from Soul Surfers on Vimeo.

What Happens When Kiting Goes Bad

I’ve had a lot of folks ask me what happens when your kiting goes bad. Here’s a great video from Dimitri demonstrating only some of the things that can happen. Crashing into solid objects and death spirals are not shown. But, add them to the list as well … EPIC CRASHES from EPIC KITES on […]