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RebBull’s King of the Air Contest Highlights

Congratulations to Kevin Langeree Jesse Richman Liam Whaley

Jesse Richman is: Friends with Fear

This is Kite World Magazine’s “The Kite Show” interview with Jesse Richman. While they are being dramatic and talking about fear in their attempts to capture eyeballs I find Jesse’s comments and observations about the “flow state” to be far more interesting. He is spot on. Thank you for the interview, Jesse.

Patri McLaughlin – Uprising

Maui Mini Movie presents Uprising. A visual story of winter 2012. From the Pro Pool to some of the sickest strapless action on the planet. In Maui go big or go home, whether jumping off the screen with massive boosts, throwing down in the pro pool or catching some bombs on the outer reefs. This […]

More on the Kiting Association Battles – Bruno Legaignoux’s Interview on Why it is Important to Join the IFKO

Bruno Legaignoux redefines and helps us understand what is going on in “Kitesports”. He is the inventor of the inflatable kite design and Bow kite recognized as the godfather of kiteboarding. Bruno Legaignoux represents his ideas in a Q&A format and is interested to know how the kite world will respond to his statements about […]

Throwback Thursday – 1999 Coca Cola Kitesurfing Commercial

I suspect, but don’t know, that the kiter throwing tricks in jeans is likely the legendary Lou Wainman. Not many could throw those tricks in 1999 and fewer still rode in jeans.