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Posts from ‘December, 2012’

Another Blip in the Flow

Damaged equipment happens.  In this case the leading edge bladder of my 9 meter Ozone Edge blew out.  I was launching and BLAMMO! The likely culprit was a small nick in the leading edge fabric from a sharp rock or a piece of broken glass from the last time I landed the kite.  I didn’t […]

KSP Kite Surf Pro World Tour Wraps Up

I was fortunate enough to get to observe 3 days of the KSP Kite Surf Pro World Tour.  The 10 day event was plagued with low winds and little surf.  But, they got enough on four of the days to hold the event and crown both event and tour winners.  Congratulations to tour winners Jalou […]

Maui Rainbow

I’m back on Maui again for a few days for the XMass holidays to visit relatives, gird my loins for the upcoming 2013 session, and to work on my kiteboarding skills again.  I regressed a bit, but that is to be expected after being away from kiting for many months. My spring, summer, and fall […]