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Posts from ‘March, 2014’

Alaska Snowkite Jam – March 20-23

My Maui friends Jon McCabe and Raquel Lima and Alaska’s own Tom Fredericks and Steve Carr from Alaska Kite Adventures are putting on Alaska’s Snowkite Jam this weekend. Updates on each day’s activities can be found on the AKA website. Here’s a video clip from last year’s event. World’s Best Ski Adventure – Snowkiting Alaska […]

Grand Niece Gets a Bike

My niece’s daughter, the shortest Fuglistahler/Erickson spawn, recently received a bicycle with training wheels. It was met with delight and enthusiam. I predict the daily chaos that surrounds the short one expands it’s radius. Its a good thing she’s cute. She’s a loud and boisterous handful.

Its Time for Uncle Lolo to Receive a New Paint Job

Over the holidays Uncle Lolo was assaulted in the parking lot at Kite Beach and sustained a thorough fender bashing. And yes, the offending wanker bolted without leaving a note. The good news is they left their license plate … which was turned over to the police. However, I’m not holding my breath about them […]

Ugh! When Will Winter Ever End?

It been so warm that area bears have been waking up from hybernation this past couple of weeks and weaking havoc in Anchorage’s outlaying neighborhoods according to my friends who live on upper Hillside.