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Posts from ‘May, 2010’

Launch from Hell

Today, I totally muffed a launch where I flopped into the water … before there was water there to flop into. I wasn’t moving my feet fast enough and fell completely on my face in the sand. The line of watching instructors guffawed and I heard a “nice kite control” waft in my direction. While […]

Kite Surfboards

Today I migrated to using a surfboard made for kiting. Its a bit different from the twin tip kiteboards I’ve been using to date. Twin tip kiteboards I’m told are very similar to wake boards and are basically thin planks of wood laminated with various plastics for durability. They are tough.  And they have bottom […]

Kite Eating Tree

Here is a quick snippet of the dreaded “Kite Eating Tree” on Kite Beach on Maui. As you can see its earned its name. So far I’ve managed to keep any of the school’s kites I’ve been using out of its evil clutches. Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Maui Girls Rock

This is my kite boarding instructor and a couple of her friends showing their kite boarding moves. Karen is the one with the orange kite with black trim and the yellow kite surfboard. If you need your kite or sailboard sail repaired while on Maui she’s the person to go to. You can find Karen […]

Kite Boarding in Maui

Kite boarding is kinda hard.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  Its not something most folks will take a couple hours of lessons and immediately pick up. Those who think so are likely to end up crying with their kite in a tree.  These beasties have some serious powerful pull.  I’m even going to say […]