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Posts from ‘November, 2010’

A Genuine 1000 Yard Downwinder

Finally! There hasn’t been much wind so I’ve not been able to work on my kite boarding much. But, on my last day here on Maui I reeled off a genuine downwinder. I’m not sure it was really a 1000 yards, but, it was pretty much the entire length of the beginners section of Kanaha […]

Uncle LoLo – the Maui Beach Cruiser

The family has spoken and decided upon a name for our newest vehicle. Uncle Lolo it is. They are telling me it fits perfectly. When we all visit Maui we usually just rent cars as the prices on the Island are so cheap. But, pickups are another matter. These things seem to be made of […]

Wind Conditions Surrounding Kite Beach

As I’m ticking away at the various web sites I’m responsible for this winter during our legislative session in dark and dreary Juneau, Alaska I can console myself by looking at the wind conditions on Kite Beach and wish I were someplace warmer. I have many dear friends in Juneau, but for the life of […]

Maui Community College Student Housing Picture Gallery

While wandering around Kahului on my last trip over I saw a very small advertisement for this place. And as I was eating lunch in Kahului on a windless day I decided to look at one of the units on a whim. Some enterprising Alaskans should take advantage of this opportunity. Adventure tourists would find […]

New Kites and Other Goodies

I have the good fortune to meet up with my relatives in Maui for a few days late this fall. And my local kite board instructor was correct when she advised me to wait till now for kite deals on Maui. All the local kite pros and instructors turn in their kites for the latest […]