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Posts from ‘November, 2011’

We’re Off

After several delays both weather and maintenance related we’re off – due east to cross the gulf stream than south to Bermuda.  We expect to be around around Bermuda on the 29th.

Main Sail Seam Blew Out

We left Deltaville,VA at dawn and were making our way at 9 knots out of Chesepeake Bay when the main sale blew out a seam just below the 2’nd reef.  We took the main down and made Hampton by that evening.  We found a local sail loft and had the sail restitched today. We’ll have […]

We’re Still in Port – But Leaving on Sunday

The gel coat repairs are still unfinished.  The ambient temperatures in Deltaville are so low at the moment the resins didn’t kick in time to be finished today.  We’re here till Sunday. I filled two 5 gallon cheap collapsible camping water carriers to add to our compliment of bottled water yesterday.  Today I looked on […]

Day Dreamer is Finally in the Water

Whew!  Its been a day of hard physical work in nasty, windy, rainy, 35 degree weather.  We put the rudder back on, finished up some engine work, and than dumped the big cat back into the water.  We’d be on our way … but … there is always a but when dealing with boats.  The […]

Boats are Just Holes You Throw Money At

Yup, I love sailboats, sailing, the entire sailing scene, and I also firmly believe that depressing statement. My buddy has been sailing up and down the east coast between Maine and the Caribbean this past year with his family on a 47 foot Lagoon Cat. He recently hit a deadhead while sailing offshore from Chesepeake […]