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Boats are Just Holes You Throw Money At

Yup, I love sailboats, sailing, the entire sailing scene, and I also firmly believe that depressing statement.

My buddy has been sailing up and down the east coast between Maine and the Caribbean this past year with his family on a 47 foot Lagoon Cat. He recently hit a deadhead while sailing offshore from Chesepeake Bay and cracked a rudder tube. Yikes! That was a heart stopping moment. He quickly ran for shore, hauled out at a local boat yard, and sent the wife and 3 pre-teen daughters home to the grandparents. And he called for help. Four of us responded and we’ve been here in Deltaville, VA for the last several days trying to put the boat back together again.

The yard is mostly finished with repairing the cracked rudder tube and we’ve been attacking the to-do-list and honey-do list with a vengence.  But, with boats there is always something.  We noticed water leaking out of a keel mounted water tank.  That was very bad news and the need for this unexpected repair has delayed us a week.  Once those repairs are finished the plan is to launch and head straight for St. Thomas, BVI.  Once there the four of us will scatter back to Alaska and our normal jobs and lives.  And my buddy will shortly be rejoined by his family.