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Day Dreamer is Finally in the Water

Whew!  Its been a day of hard physical work in nasty, windy, rainy, 35 degree weather.  We put the rudder back on, finished up some engine work, and than dumped the big cat back into the water.  We’d be on our way … but … there is always a but when dealing with boats.  The boatyard managed to seriously damage the gel coat on both sides as we where being backed out from the travel lift.  Think nasty grindy noises of fiberglass being seriously damaged as we were manually backed out by about 10 boatyard guys.  The clearance between the travel lift and the cat was about 6 inches on either side.  That is very close tolerances and the slightest wind will push the boat to one side or the other far stronger than 10 guys can resist.  Its a seriously big beasty.  The boat yard owner came out to apologise to Peter.  He will have his fiberglass guys out in the morning to do repairs.  But, it means another day of delay.

We are mostly provisioned, fueled, and watered.  We have a final grocery store trip and hopefully will leave tomorrow or Saturday.  Below are some  pics from the day’s activities.