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We’re Still in Port – But Leaving on Sunday

The gel coat repairs are still unfinished.  The ambient temperatures in Deltaville are so low at the moment the resins didn’t kick in time to be finished today.  We’re here till Sunday.

I filled two 5 gallon cheap collapsible camping water carriers to add to our compliment of bottled water yesterday.  Today I looked on in horror to discover they leaked overnight.  They are complete pieces of crap and want to throw them away.  And yes, we went out and immediately bought more bottled water.  But, our skipper says they are good enough to transport water for short periods of time and he uses them to dinghy water from ashore.  I see some dromedary bags in his future the next time I’m invited on a trip.  There is no sense in having crap on a sailboat.

We are now scheduled to leave Deltaville, Virginia Sunday at first light, November 20th, to catch an outgoing tide.  The jib and genoa are now fed into their respective roller furlers and hoisted, survival suits are stowed, and the yardsale of tools and general detritus of sailing scattered all over the boat have been cleaned up and packed away into places where we can find them again.  Below is a picture gallery of scenes from the last two days.

Our plan is to head straight east for about 2 to 3 days to cross the Gulf Stream at right angles and to avoid a wind hole just to the south of our current position.  Than its a sharp turn to the south into some rowdy weather in the 25 to 35 knot range.  This is well within the big cat’s and our own abilities, but it will be a hot sleigh ride south.  Wish us luck.