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Posts from ‘April, 2016’

You Can’t Outrun a Charging Bear

Here is the OutDoor Life article

Haven – Freediving from Guillaume Néry

Short film about the exploration on breathhold of the biggest wreck in Mediterranean sea, by 3 world champions Guillaume Néry, Morgan Bourc'His and Rémy Dubern. All the images were shot between 40 meters and 50 meters by Jérôme Espla (Poisson Lune Production) and his team with a RED EPIC. Those images were possible to make […]

Ghost in the Shell Franchise Overview

My favorite anime of all time.

Throwback Thursday – 1999 Coca Cola Kitesurfing Commercial

I suspect, but don’t know, that the kiter throwing tricks in jeans is likely the legendary Lou Wainman. Not many could throw those tricks in 1999 and fewer still rode in jeans.

Oldest Kiter in the World

Boardriding Maui CloudRiding on Nel's 100th birthday.