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Posts on ‘April 28th, 2016’

You Can’t Outrun a Charging Bear

Here is the OutDoor Life article

Haven – Freediving from Guillaume Néry

Short film about the exploration on breathhold of the biggest wreck in Mediterranean sea, by 3 world champions Guillaume Néry, Morgan Bourc'His and Rémy Dubern. All the images were shot between 40 meters and 50 meters by Jérôme Espla (Poisson Lune Production) and his team with a RED EPIC. Those images were possible to make […]

Ghost in the Shell Franchise Overview

My favorite anime of all time.

Throwback Thursday – 1999 Coca Cola Kitesurfing Commercial

I suspect, but don’t know, that the kiter throwing tricks in jeans is likely the legendary Lou Wainman. Not many could throw those tricks in 1999 and fewer still rode in jeans.