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Nice Video Demonstrating How to Rescue and Return a Lost Board

Carrying and Returning a Lost Board

IKitesurf article and pictures of a useful technique used to return a lost board while in deep water. We thought we’d include how to carry a board for a couple of reasons: firstly no end of kiters comment to us about how hard it is to carry a board now that so many people don’t […]

Lewis Crathern’s 10 Essentials to Jumping Higher

Six episodes are currently available, but if you subscribe to Woo’s YouTube Channel you’ll get notice when the remaining clips in the series come out.

Learning to Foil Tutorial from Cabrinha

How Hard to Pump Your Kite

This video will show you how much air pressure is needed to pump your kite. There is a limit between too much or too little air inside the Leading Edge of your kite. But as a beginner you may want to pump your kite not too hard so you won't explode the Leading Edge of […]