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Serena Tasks

Lots and lots to do. I may not get all this done in the 2014 summer and fall.

Repair Boat Cover

  • remove – actually looks pretty good!
  • take to Tom for repair – maybe in 2015.


  • locate and correctly position hole in new tiller – drill.
  • varnish hole
  • mount tiller
  • procure 2nd bronze bolt, nut, locking nut, and washers as spares – 1/2″ x at least 7 1/2″. 8″ + would be better.  I currently have mild steel hardware, but bronze would be better from a rust perspective.  Find the original bronze hardware.  Its somewhere either on Serena or in my apartment.
  • replace tiller? – not very happy with the fucker who built it. Its not a duplicate of the original tiller and had to be substantially modified to fit correctly. Its too thin and about 5″ too short.  I have concerns about its strength.  Serena develops considerable weather helm if one isn’t skilled at balancing the sail plan while under way.  We’ll see if this matters by using it.  I would have been better off building it myself for the almost $600 I paid.


  • dry rot stop goo the bits starting to dry rot.
  • scarf in new wood?
  • repaint
  • build new rudder in 2015?


  • remove and replace dry rotted bit on port side
  • sand and scrap
  • mask – remember to remove masking tape while the paint or varnish is still wet this time – dumbass!
  • repaint with 2 part epoxy paint
  • varnish bare wood bits
  • replace cockpit drain copper tubing.  Its clogged.


  • scrap and sand
  • mask – remember to remove masking tape while the paint or varnish is still wet this time – dumbass!
  • varnish
  • repaint
  • drill hole and through bolt down forward starboard side – find stainless bolt and nut


  • order new fittings
  • order new lifeline
  • compression tools left in Serena’s ice chest
  • cut and make lifeline sections – make spares?
  • install them

Cabin Top

  • scrap and sand
  • mask – remember to remove masking tape while paint is still wet.
  • paint – sides white and top tan
  • varnish


  • sand and treat with Por 15 the rusting bits.  Actually, they are not that bad.
  • repaint


  • scrap and sand
  • mask
  • repaint with 2 part epoxy – most with 2 part epoxy; tan and some bits white.
  • mask and paint traction bits using something like rollable truck bed liner with crushed walnut shells or rubber bits

Replace Batteries

  • desulphinate all existing batteries in 2014 to see if I can resurrect them
  • replace start battery in 2015 – 12 volt deep cycle/start: 10″ (could be 14.5″) x 7.5″ (could be 12″) x 10″ (could be 12″).  Current battery is a standard 12 volt lead acid cell with 100 amp hours, 650 cold cranking amps, and 4.8 hours at 15 amps.
  • replace house batteries in 2015 – 6 volt deep cycle AGMs probably; 10″ (could be 14″ -) x 7″ x 9.5″ (could be 12.5″).  Connect style will matter to height.  and the batteries could be wider.  Currently they are 6 volt deep cycle lead acid 210 minutes at 75 amps


  • Do a quick scrubby brushing to knock down the growth.  It’ll be an excuse to put on my wetsuit and get wet.
  • 2015 haul and repaint and replace zincs.
  • Maybe replace the rudder.


  • tags for electronics panel: SPOTLIGHT and PROPANE
  • paint interior with latex
  • new rubber bits for freshwater and saltwater sink pumps. They are foot operated Whale, model unknown, but I see a 3.
  • some of the copper plumbing under the sink is looking pretty crusty.  Replace.


  • new spark plug
  • dump old fuel
  • new hose between tank and engine

New bumpers

  • Order 4 or 5 new ones. Polyform HTM-2, roughly 8″ x 20″.
  • splice them onto 5 foot rope ends.
  • whip bitter ends

Propane System

  • propane tanks have old style fittings.  Get new tanks and new hoses with modern fittings


  • make a brush I can mount on an electric drill and brush/scrub the metal sides.
  • vacuum out the rust dust
  • paint inside with Pur 15 or something similar

110 Volt Heater

  • Wire up a temperature sensing thermostat


  • all pretty much in great shape
  • genoa has a tiny L tear in foot.  give to Tom to repair.


  • scrap and sand
  • paint
  • lubricate the sail track
  • mount a new wind index with anti-eagle stuff mounted to masthead truck. fuckers keep eating my $60 wind indicator vanes – freakin’ rats with wings …

Silicone Grease

  • dry suit zippers
  • rubber gaskets in diesel fuel fill fittings
  • rubber gaskets in fresh water fill fitting
  • any gaskets in poo empty fitting?

Bring Next Trip

  • extension cord
  • 3/4″ plywood scrap – 18″ x 18″
  • jig saw
  • sandpaper assortment
  • tube 3M 5200
  • caulking gun
  • masking tape
  • brushes
  • battery desulphinator gadget
  • TP