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Posts from ‘January, 2013’

Alaskan Kiters Doing Epic Alaskan Adventures with Friends from Around the World

Flysurfer Ataraxia Project – Full Version HD In 2012 the Ataraxia crew uniting team members from the US, New Zealand and Germany joined forces and set out for the ultimate Flysurfer snowkite winter sports adventure in the Alaskan Chugach Mountains. The goal was to solely use kite support to reach the summit of the highest […]

Ugh! Why Do I Live in a Northern Climate?

  Especially, when I can do my job from anywhere with a decent internet connection?

What Inspired Me to Take up Kiteboarding

It was a number of things. It began with one of my neighbors having a kite boarding magazine laying on his coffee table. Over a beer or three we talked about it. He talked it up and than immediately forgot about it thinking I’d never do anything with it. Which was a pretty safe bet. […]

The Flow Smoothed

Since friends and relatives seem to want to know how the kiting is going I’ll report that I’m taking a couple full strides into being an intermediate kiter. The weather this last trip was horrible, but I did slip in a few days of kiting.  It was mostly too low wind on really big kites […]