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Posts from ‘August, 2014’


You certainly don’t see this everyday. Epic kiters Yuri Zoon, Kevin Langeree, and Nick Jacobsen dropped this video recently of them pulling off an epic stunt. Be smart kids – don’t try this at home. If any equipment fails you have a very long drop. 2up1down from LUPAH FILMS on Vimeo.

Does Having Juggling Skills Help When Learning Kiteboarding?

I believe it does. Last year I had the good fortune to have Chase track me down and ask for lessons here in Alaska. He had equipment and was willing to submit to my instruction. We mostly had our sessions at Twenty Mile close to Girdwood at the end of Turnagain Arm. I’m proud to […]

What’s SeaGliding?

About a year ago one of my Maui kiting buddies pulled this gizmo out on the beach and launched on a very light wind day. We were dubious he could even keep a kite in the air. To our amazement he could even kite upwind. It had great light wind performance that rivaled a foilboard.  […]

Richard Branson buys the PKRA World Tour

The Virgin mogul, a passionate and avid kiteboarder, has bought the rights of the PKRA World Tour, in an unusual joint-venture agreement with Best Kiteboarding and the Spanish entrepreneur behind clothing company Zara. According to the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, the deal is sealed, and a new umbrella company will start controlling the PKRA World […]

Serena’s Tiller – Part II

Sailboats are a delight and joy to experience. But, part of owning one is the constant maintenance issues involved. For the last year Serena has not be guest ready due to a badly delaminated tiller. I finally got its replacement fitted and installed. Its been quite a drama for something so simple as a chunk […]