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New Kites and Other Goodies

I have the good fortune to meet up with my relatives in Maui for a few days late this fall. And my local kite board instructor was correct when she advised me to wait till now for kite deals on Maui. All the local kite pros and instructors turn in their kites for the latest model for the next year about now and deals abound. I picked up two. A barely used 7 meter Cabrinha Crossbow and a well loved and maintained 10 meter Cabrinha Crossbow. They look like the picture below.

2010 Cabrinha Crossbow Kite

I will be in the hunt for a light wind kite in the 16 to 20 meter range. I’m a big guy so its takes lots of horsepower to get me up and going. I’ve had the chance to try out an Ozone 16 meter and a 19 meter Flysurfer Speed 2. Both are amazing kites and would make decent snow kites. Though the Flysurfer seems intended for that role. While the Ozone with its inflatable leading edge would be good for water kiting too.

I also picked up a good harness, pump and all the other goodies I need. I’m completely equipped now. And several thousand dollars poorer. This is not a poor man’s sport. And I’d like to thank Karen Lang at Northshore Kite and Sail Repair for making some needed adjustments to my harness.