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KSP Kite Surf Pro World Tour Wraps Up

I was fortunate enough to get to observe 3 days of the KSP Kite Surf Pro World Tour.  The 10 day event was plagued with low winds and little surf.  But, they got enough on four of the days to hold the event and crown both event and tour winners.  Congratulations to tour winners Jalou Langeree and Keahi De Aboitiz.  You can find more about the standings at the KSP site here.  The after party was a epic.

I was rooting for locals, TopHat, Patri, and Moona.  Moona Whyte won the women’s event with some very powerful moves.  She will be a force to recon with in next year’s world tour.


KSP 2012 Tour Winners

2012 KSP Trophies. I actually got to touch them. I may never wash that finger again.

KSP sign at Ho'okipa

Closeup of KSP event sign

KSP spectators watching heats