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Nick Jacobsen’s Crane Jump

Boardriding Maui Cloud history C1 – C.5

Last November we published this video to the Boardriding Maui YouTube channel. At the time of the video we felt we had finalized C.5 Cloud updates. I’m super stoked that we held back the launch to continue development. All sizes were already working great. But the smaller 2 sizes were unbelievable. Our stoke was off […]

What is the Luderitz Speed Challenge?

Reo Stevens’ – Indonesia Reflections

This has some great advice on biggish wave riding from some of the best in the world.

Generations Kitesurfing History

Longtime Team Rider and ambassador Jaime Herraiz shares his point of view and experiences from the start of kiteboarding, its evolution and the creation of North Kiteboarding with Tom Court.