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Boardriding Maui Cloud history C1 – C.5

Last November we published this video to the Boardriding Maui YouTube channel. At the time of the video we felt we had finalized C.5 Cloud updates. I’m super stoked that we held back the launch to continue development.

All sizes were already working great. But the smaller 2 sizes were unbelievable. Our stoke was off the charts. They were our dream kites. The larger 2 sizes were great. On paper it all made sense but we decided updates wouldn’t be complete until we felt equally ecstatic for every size.

I thought perhaps our riding had trended toward higher winds. Maybe the magic wouldn’t be felt in lower winds no matter the amount of continued development. I’m so stoked that we took the extra time.

With a far more open arch shape and moderate aspect ratio the larger 2 Clouds evolved to quite different designs from their super compact, boxy little brothers described in this video. Design aside, all that maters is the joy of riding. The magic was totally found.