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Kitesurf Ireland – Kitesurfing Crab Island

Ryan Coote gets treated to kite surfing one of Ireland’s holy grails of surfing locations. Crab Island is one of the best righthanders in Ireland. It is also extremely dangerous and extremely heavy. It is a offshore island surrounded by rocks and massive cliffs. Needless to say there is no happy place to launch or land or even swim in. When you commit to kite surfing a spot like this you have to be fully committed you also have to be fully prepared to ditch everything and swim swim swim. The wind on this day was shifting from cross shore to cross off shore 14 to 20 knots. My 10 meter Reo V3 worked a treat drifting through the sky with ease as I shifted back and forth from wave power to wind power.

This surf spot is for advanced riders only and can get massive very quickly with strong currents. Even though the swell was a nice size the period was very small so the waves lacked some projection.