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Views from the 2014 Homer Kite Festival

While the weather this last weekend in Homer was often rainy and drizzly we had a nice day on Sunday for the diehards at the festival.  And we were fortunately able to get off a number of beginner trainer kite sessions for folks interested in the sport.  And a number of existing kiters also got their kites in the air.

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2014-06-06 12.13.14
2014-06-07 17.59.49
2014-06-07 18.19.02
2014-06-07 17.59.38
2014-06-06 22.00.12
2014-06-06 22.00.09
2014-06-08 15.46.03
2014-06-08 15.35.58
2014-06-08 15.28.54
2014-06-08 15.33.39
2014-06-08 16.06.09
2014-06-08 22.00.32

Thursday evening driving into Mariner's Park on the Homer Spit.

Friday morning dawned sunny and clear. We were hopeful the weather would hold.

Diehard attendees listening to Kiter George and Tom Fredericks give a clinic about what to look for in used gear and what to avoid.

Kiter George at the whiteboard.

Mad Kiter Tomasz Sulczynski and long-time kiter Trace Carlos. My equally mad Maui buddies Sam, Oliver, and Monte would quickly bond with Tomasz after sharing their mad kiting schemes.

Sunday dawned sunny and clear. Kiter George is giving beginners pointers. I gotta say the $20/day enterance fee for unlimited time on the trainer kites with experienced instructors is pretty much the kiting deal of the century. I wish I had that opportunity when I first started.

Tom working with one of his students.

Turnagain Arm Rainbow.

Driving back to Anchorage the weather began to clear up as I was driving along Turnagain Arm. I caught a glimpse of this quadruple rainbow and just had to pull over to wonder in amazement.