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One of my Maui friends sent me this amusing clip. When I first decided I wanted to be a kite surfer I knew I was going to have to become a better swimmer and more comfortable in the water. To further that end I hooked up with the local Anchorage free divers group and was mentored by them for endless laps in a pool at first and than some trips out in the ocean … in WINTER! Yikes, that was cold. But, it was invaluable experience that has saved my life at least twice. Knowing how to be calm underwater while figuring out some problem is invaluable.

I also started body surfing on my holiday Maui trips just so I could experience what its like to be tumbled and sloshed around in the surf. That was also great experience. But, along with the good experiences comes the bad, and yes, sand enemas are a thing. Who knew …