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New Year’s Day in Maui

After spending some time with Jim & Kay, John, and John & Julie in Seattle I met up with Jenn in Maui after Christmas. Jenn and I both decided that we needed to do another epic adventure. And after agreeing to be each others wingman – it was time.

Upon arriving we explored Maui and Kihei after a day’s death march of shopping, equipping, and getting settled. The airlines lost important parts of my luggage so part of the day was spent finding clothing appropriate for the climate. The good news is my luggage was found later the next day.

Ken bobbing around in the wavesSnorkeling was decent and we got some pics of fish and coral formations. The water was pretty cloudy as it rained a lot yesterday. But, we got our feet wet and are sorting out equipment issues. You can see the pics at the link here:

After the snorkeling we drove out to the Maui Marine Center State Aquarium, we needed to figure out what the fish were called, and than took a quick trip up to Lahaina to view the sites.