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New Art for Ken’s Walls

Session is over and I’m back in my humble little apartment on the edge of sunny downtown Spenard. An up and coming little community with real pretensions. We make our whore houses mow their lawns, pick up their garbage, and turn off their flashing and blinking neon signs after 2:00 am.
I must have decided to stay put for awhile somewhere along the line. I find myself starting to invest in stuff to put on my walls. So, I’m just checking in with the other members of the family to see what they think of my three possible choices for new artwork. An abstract of devonian sea creatures, combusting-flying piglike creatures, or tub monsters. Let me know what you think. Hah! Which is going to frighten small children and the women in my life the least.

I’m kinda partial to the flying beasty. The colors match my sofa. And if it doesn’t elicit a guffaw from the viewer they have no sense of humor and I’ll probably not want to associate with the ill-humored wankers anyway.

Devonian Abstract of Shelled Critters

Tub Monster

Combusting Flying Pig Creature