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Kiteboarding in Alaska – 2010 Homer Kite Festival

My recent trip to Maui to learn kiteboarding rocked. While I’m no longer a rank beginner, I’m not an intermediate rider either.  The learning process continues.  Regardless, it was time well spent.

I attended the Homer Kite Festival three weeks ago and hooked up with local folks who both water and snow kite.  By now I’ve figured out that most folks who kite here in Alaska are snow kiters.  Doah!  Makes sense as there is more solid water than liquid water up here most of the year.  Up to now I’ve been too much of a newbie to want to contact the local folks and it was also my perception no one taught.  That’s kinda like needing to lose weight before you join a gym. But, there ARE local instructors and I’m now at the point I can at least ask intelligent questions – the time in Maui accomplished that.

My experience at the kite festival was great. It was full of folks of all skill levels who where encouraging and supportive. The good news is there are now certified instructors able to give lessons. And with that my instruction continues locally.

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While in Maui I rented all my equipment.  I’ve now reached the level where I want to have my own equipment.  And I am now in the process of procuring it.  I was fortunate enough to win a raffle at the Homer Kitefest that gave me a very nice Hyperflex Amp 5/3 wetsuit.  Thank you Hyperflex!  I’ve ordered a nice harness, kite surfboard, and other assorted gear and am eagerly awaiting for it to ship.

No kites yet though.  My friends in Maui tell me that the August/September timeframe is good to buy used kites as all the Maui pros are turning their gear in for the new 2011 gear.  There should be deals galore they tell me.