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Pe’ahi Goes Off

After returning from delivering the big catamaran to St. Thomas I jetted off to Maui to work on my kiteboarding and mentally gird myself for the upcoming legislative session. My favorite thing about sessions is they end.  But, they are a hellish trial while they last.

Maui was hit by big swell Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and surfers went giddy with joy.  And half the island called in sick to either surf or watch their friends surf.  Pe’ahi, or Jaws, went off and experienced big surf today.  The size of the waves were in the 30 to 35 foot range early in the morning.  The truly epic thing was the 30 some odd surfers trying to paddle into those waves.  That is brave stuff indeed!

I managed to get there in the late morning and was able to take about a thousand pictures.  The surf had died down to triple overhead and the paddle-in guys had mostly stopped by the time I got cliff side.  The waves were mostly being surfed by a few tow-in diehards and windsurfers.

I did get some great shots and I’ll have a nice gallery of the best of my pictures up after I have time to sort through them all.  Till then page through the sequence  below: