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My First Snow Kite Trip

I was able to saddle up and get out this Sunday.  I’ve been chained to my computer since the start of session and I was more than going a bit batty.

My experience with water kite boarding stood me in good stead.  I was almost immediately able to get up and skooting across the snow. Its very similar and if anything quite a bit easier.  Especially for those who already know how to ski or board.  I found my bottom half from the hips down just took care of itself.

It was a light wind day with some strong gusts and I was using my 16 meter Cabrinha Crossbow.  Which is quite heavy and a very slow truck.  I was wishing I had something a little more responsive like a nice Ozone Edge the entire day.  Winds did pick up, even a bit too much.  But, my water experience means I just detuned and when that wasn’t enough I just bore off and zoomed off downwind which was a blast.  But, the long trudge back upwind was a very long hike.  It took me at least 90 minutes in my ill suited alpine gear.

I’ve learned some things.

  • Drop the kite instead of zooming off downwind!
  • My water kiting harness is just too small once I bundle up with fleece and outerwear. Fortunately, I’ve got the appropriate harness coming. Thank you Tom!
  • My very heavy alpine gear isn’t really suited to this.  I’m going to switch over to my much lighter and more mobile telmark gear.
  • I need to wear a big backpack that I can stuff my kite into.  And the backpack needs to include skins, poles, water, a few energy bars, emergency gear, and etc.
  • I do need to pick up some collapseable ski poles, but they are easy to acquire. Done!
  • And my normal ski wear was sufficient to the task.

Where did I go you ask?  Portage Lake just east of Girdwood.  It was a 20 degree crystal clear crisp sunny day.  Below is a video the AKA boys made three years ago at the very same location.  I ended up pretty much at the very end of that lake.