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Fundraiser for Steve Carr

One of my kiting mentors suffered a paragliding accident earlier this year. He fractured his back, the worst being an exploded L-1 vertabae, and severly damaged his nerves. Steve endured a 12 hour surgery that fused his lumbar region and left him with two metal rods and pins holding his back together. His friends and family are fundraising trying to help send him to professional physical therapy to help get him walking again. He did not have health insurance at the time of his accident and is facing medical bills into the hundreds of thousands. However, we are only trying to raise money for his immediate needs and physical therapy from professionals in a rehabilitation program. He needs help paying for his immediate medical supplies for his bowel and pain management.

The donation site is secure and you can donate using Pay Pal or credit Card. Please help “Get Steve Walking Again”.

The following video shows the paragliding crash and Steve’s extraction. Parts of this are very difficult to watch. Please give if you can.