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2015 Annual Snowkite Jam is Happening

The third annual Snowkite Jam will be happening sometime this March into April. Contact these guys for more information.

Snowkite Jam Alaska 2 – Part 1

Thank you to everyone that made the journey to Alaska this past year and enjoyed this stop on the Big Mountain Freeride Tour.

Stay tuned for Part 2 which has more gliding then this edit. Be sure to share with your friends and come join us in Alaska for this amazing experience this March-April.


Ken Lucas (Yellow Jacket,Cabrinha) – Thanks for sharing thus magical place with all of us and organizing
Jon McCabe (Blue/red Jacket, Ozone) – Editor and SKJ organizer
Raquel Lima (Snowboard and pink or black jacket, Naish) way to push the limit of woman's snowkiting with your huge glides
Damien Leroy (Gray/Beige, Cabrinha) made an appearance so you know it was a good time with lots of laughs
Monica Bassett (light blue Jacket/orange pants, Cabrinha) fun times ripping the mountains with you as always,
William Pannell (Maroon Jacket) – Thanks for making it from Georgia braddah, killed it on the rv timelapses
Chris Farro (Blue /red jacket/pants combo) – Awesome meeting you in AK and good times
Jack Zwanenburg – (yellow plaid) – Your passion for snowkiting runs deep through your blood, happy you made it from Canada
Juan Carlos Morales, Epic times as always and thnks for making it from Puerto Rico with the crew
Jorge Morales – Love your enthusiasm to make the snowkiting trips from Florida every year
Felix Cuadrado – Hope your happy you made the journey, your a natural on the snowboard
Robert Eden – Not the best conditions/timing for you but I know good times are coming your way
Larry Riddle – Awesome connecting with you in AK and hope to see you again this year
Caleb Farro – Thanks for the Drone footage and way to go for it on the glides
Erin Edenholm – Great meeting you and hope we see you every year
Ryan Kolberg – Glad you guys scored some good snowkiting and hope it was a good experience
Brian Dennis – Thanks for making the trip from Hood River and hope to see you back soon
Jennie Milton – Your awesome, thank you for the drone footage and just for being so rad on and off the mountain
Tom Fredericks – Thank you for sharing the mountains and bringing local stoke for the Jam
Steve Carr – Miss you this year buddy and always hoping for a fast recovery to get you riding with us again
Pete – Thanks for the bumps and great times on the mountain with you, I am sure we will see you soon
Phillipe – Aloha for the bump on that magical sunset run we all shared, hope to meet up soon

Everyone else….Thank you for watching and sharing our video, stay tuned for the followup video which will not disappoint. Cheers