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A Brief History of Fatbikes

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9zero7 Whiteout Carbon Fatbike

Fatbikes have gained attention as the fastest growing segment of the bicycle industry this year, and for good reason. They’ve ridden the length of continents, across the snowy state of Alaska in winter, and along unique sections of coastline all around the globe. In the last few months, several fat tire vehicles have even appeared at the South Pole by means of human power, one of which was actually a tricycle! While fatbikes are capable of extreme all-terrain conquest, they also entice riders with their go-anywhere capacities on a more local scale. Midwestern urban explorers fight midweek blues by riding the river banks of the Mississippi, gunning out of town on weekends to ride and race groomed snowmobile trails. Fatbikes make light work of Coloradan jeep tracks, rocky Pennsylvanian singletrack, and Arizonan arroyos. In places like Anchorage, Alaska, where I am living for the winter, fatbikes play a central role in four-season commuting and recreation. Ten years ago, almost none of this existed.

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