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Maui Community College Student Housing Picture Gallery

While wandering around Kahului on my last trip over I saw a very small advertisement for this place. And as I was eating lunch in Kahului on a windless day I decided to look at one of the units on a whim. Some enterprising Alaskans should take advantage of this opportunity. Adventure tourists would find this place a great place to base out of. The prices for student housing are very reasonable compared to the normal vacation rental market prices one usually runs into on Maui. And the space is far nicer than any student housing I ever lived in during my college years. Its in central Kahului and is surrounded by two of Maui’s biggest shopping malls and its main business district. Its within easy walking distance of the main bus lines that run around the island. Kanaha Beach is about 7 minutes away for those into kite boarding and the surfing town of Paia is perhaps another 10 minutes away. I sure wish I gotten some of my education here!